Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

And They’re Off!

As I write this, we already have a couple of reviews up, even a couple by our junior Cannonballers,  Bunnybean and The Grace Hurricane. Scroll around and check out what’s been going up this early on.

There are quite a few people who have not yet taken the last step in signing up and accepted the invitation to the group blog. You have to click “Accept Invitation” in the email you got from

Accept Invitation button

Here’s a more detailed explanation of that. I’ll keep trying to resend invites, but I won’t be able to do that forever.

And if you haven’t gotten any emails from me or, everything might be heading into your spam folder, so drop me a line to work things out.

A couple of other housekeeping items:

Tagging – when you add your post, please tag it with your Pajibaname/nickname. You can also add other relevant tags: fiction, mystery, suspense, etc. The more tags, the better, but please add at least the nickname.

Blog titles – Please follow this format so I have your name, review #, book title and book author at a glance:

YourPajibaName’s #CBR4 Review #XX: Book Title by Book Author

(Adding the # symbol (a hashtag) before the letters “CBR4” will make it easier to tweet, because our Twitter hashtag is #CBR4 this year. )

Let me know if you have any problems or questions. Contact me or post them to the Facebook page. I may not be able to reply to you instantly, but I will be answering questions as promptly as I can.

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