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Malin’s #CBR4 Review #6: How the Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long

Miss Phoebe Vale works as a school teacher at a school for recalcitrant girls. She entertains herself by reading the society gossip in the broadsheets, and dreams of going to Africa. When she agrees to spend a few days as a paid companion to a former pupil, Miss Lisbeth Redmond, she has no idea that her life is going to take a turn for the unexpected.

Julian Spenser, the Marquess Dryden, is known in the scandal sheets as Lord Ice. Most of his adult life he’s spent rebuilding his family’s reputation and fortunes after his father did his best to squander them. By making a match with Lisbeth Redmond, he would be able to restore the last piece of land his father lost, as part of her generous dowry. Yet he can’t get Miss Vale out of his mind. While she may be physically more unremarkable than her friend, her intelligence and wit, not to mention the fact that she seems to be the only person who attempts to see him as a man, not just as Lord Ice.

This is the first Pennyroyal Green novel that doesn’t actually feature the romance of a Redmond or an Eversea. It’s perfectly enjoyable, but suffers in comparison to the previous two Long novels, I Kissed and Earl and What I Did for a Duke, which were both excellent. Phoebe is a very admirable heroine, but Julian is just a bit dull, especially in comparison to the heroes in the books I just mentioned. I was by no means bored, but I hope the next novel is about a proper family member, and also more in the vein of her best ones.

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3 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR4 Review #6: How the Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long

  1. Thank you for all of these reviews. I read this Julie Anne Long book first and loved it right up until it somehow ran out of steam. It was like she couldn’t maintain the momentum and then in kind of collapsed into a novel about high school via the ton. I’ve since read What I Did for A Duke and, wow, were you right that it was better. She pulled off a near 20 year age difference and made it absolutely convincing. I guess I Kissed an Earl will have to be added to my list.

    • Of all the Julie Anne Long books I’ve read (all the Pennyroyal Green ones so far, and To Love a Thief, this one was my least favourite. I have hopes for the one coming out in December, though, it’s about the super pretty vicar, who I always liked in his short apperarances in the other books.

      • Oooh, I’ve been wondering if the vicar would get his own book. It seemed likely. I ordered I Kissed an Earl on the super cheap for our (new) Kindle. It’s in Mr. Julien’s name, so I really love ordering romance novels through his account. Having worked through all of the decent Kleypas, I think Ms. Long will be next up. Maybe Tessa Dare, but from what I breezed through in the library, I think they might be a bit much for me.

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