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Teresaelectro’s CBR4 Review #1: Keeper of the Bride by Tess Gerristen

Keeper of the Bride by Tess Gerristen

After reading Tess Gerristen’s first novel, ‘Girl Missing’, I decided to take a chance on one of her other books – The Keeper of the Bride. Gerristen is best known for her Rizzoli & Isle’s series, but I wasn’t ready to jump those waters yet. Thus, I opted for this stand alone story about Nina Cormier, said Bride, who was unceremoniously left at the altar by her dick fiance, Dr. Robert Bledsoe. In stereotypical fashion, the groom cancelled the wedding all-Sex and the City Burger style with a note saying he’s not ready. Obviously, Nina is devastated as she thought she had found “the one”  and a doctor to make her snobby mother proud at last (isn’t that always a bad sign). She even lived with him for a year as practice and always planned to keep her nursing job to somehow prove her independence and intelligence.

Nina thinks her day couldn’t get any worse, which will be her second mistake of the day.  Her reverend kindly offers her ride home, so she dries her tears, stuffs herself (& her enormous dress) into the car with as much dignity she can muster. Before she can escape this emotional nightmare…BOOM. The church blows up.

Read the rest of the review on my blog – Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict.


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