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nidaros #CBR4 Review #4 The Silk Code by Paul Levinson

The Silk Code

This book has a bit of a personality disorder, but in spite of this I really really like this story. The Silk Code starts off as a police procedural, moves into sci-fi, then to sort prehistoric fantasy and finally back into a police procedural… and I enjoyed the whole ride.

Where else can you find a plot that combines the Amish (or are they?) with bio-engineering, firebombing fireflies, Neanderthals, magic flutes, jacquard looms and a silk cure all wrapped in a good old-fashioned murder mystery.

I read this book quite a few years ago but I felt compelled to re-read it because parts of the story have been so firmly wedged in my brain that I needed to experience the entire thing again. The Silk Code definitely held up to a 3rd re-reading for me.



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One thought on “nidaros #CBR4 Review #4 The Silk Code by Paul Levinson

  1. Pleased to come across your review – especially since The Silk Code has just been published as an “author’s cut”
    and Nook. In fact, I added a blurb from your review to my list of Silk Code reviews.

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