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Petalfrog’s #CBR4 Review #14: Psychopath by Keith Ablow

I am going to borrow from Barnes & Noble’s description of this novel:

“Having achieved celebrity status with his last case, Clevenger is tapped by the FBI to catch an elusive murderer known as the Highway Killer, who has left twelve bodies strewn across twelve states. But the Highway Killer isn’t just a serial killer–he’s a psychiatrist whose brilliance as a doctor is matched only by his precision as a murderer.

When he writes to a national newspaper challenging Clevenger to cure him through an exchange of open letters, a gripping public therapy unfolds. With the Highway Killer’s brutality reaching new heights as he confronts his mind’s darkest demons, will Clevenger exorcise those demons before they spin completely out of control?”

Like all the Clevenger books, this story is told in the third person, interweaving the killer’s narrative with Clevenger’s. The killer himself is an interesting character, but as a doctoral student in psychology (with a particular interest in forensic work) I had a hard-time buying him as a “real” character. He was portrayed as possibly having schizophrenia which, based on what I know of the disorder, would certainly prevent him from becoming a psychiatrist and also being so organized in his thought process working with clients.

Read the rest of the review here!

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