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Quorren’s #CBR4 Review #19 Fables: Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham et al.

I know I’m not the only one reviewing the Fables graphic novels on CBR4, so I’m sure most people know the basic gist.  If not, here’s the quick summary.  Fairy tales are real and some of them have settled in our world when theirs was invaded by the Adversary.  The Adversary was revealed a few books ago, but I’ll try to stay away from spoiling as best I can.

This volume really just tread water.  After the exiled fables government sent Bigby Wolf back to the Homelands to strike a blow to the Adversary, after he sent the wooden soldiers into their world, the Fables in NYC are cooling their heels, while the Adversary plots end of their world.  For all the plotting, which takes up several pages, he decides against a direct invasion. I know the writers wanted to show off the power that the Adversary has backing him up, but I know enough about story telling that if you give me this long spiel about what could happen, it’s not going to really happen.  Why would you essentially retell the same story?

The one-offs were really hit or miss as well.  The one where Bigby Wolf and family go to visit Grandpa North Wind was redundant.  We all know Bigby and his father don’t get along.  Bigby threatens to kill him and we all know by now that Bigby’s bark is worse then his bite (unless you’re the Adversary or threaten his cubs).

However, the stories that dealt with other, lesser Fables were quite good.  They didn’t rehash old plots; while the story didn’t move forward, at least it didn’t move backwards.  The Christmas story was quite enjoyable.  Jack of the Tales’ attempting to hoodwink Santa Claus makes me realize how much I’ve missed Jack’s ego, his selfish ambitions and his get rich quick schemes.  Come back to Fabletown, Jack, the stories need some spicing up.


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One thought on “Quorren’s #CBR4 Review #19 Fables: Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham et al.

  1. The stuff with Bigby and the North Wind does build up and is involved in something pretty crucial so stick with the backstory!

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