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BoatGirl’s #CBR4 Review #21: Born in Ice (Concannon Sister, Bk2) by Nora Roberts

 Second in a trilogy about 3 Irish sisters, Born in Ice tells the romantic tale of how Brianna finds true love.  Younger sister of glass artist Maggie (of Book 1 Born in Fire), Brianna runs a B&B in the house the two grew up in.  They had a somewhat difficult childhood due to their parents’ unhappy marriage.  Their mother was hateful and their father loving but a ne’er do well.  Since their father’s death, they are left to cope with their bitter, hurtful mother as best they can.

 Brianna is doing well – her B&B is successful and she is happy and reasonably content.  Love seems a thing of the distant past, since she was left at the altar 10 years before by the one man she loved.  A new love interest shows up in the form of Gray Thane, a mystery writer looking for a temporary base to write a new book in.  Gray was an abandoned child and  teenage con artist, who has no intention of ever settling down and planting roots.   Of course, the love of a good woman such as Brianna changes his heart (strings swell in the background).

I didn’t like this book as much as the first one in the trilogy.  For one thing, there were a few characters and subplots that were introduced and resolved with head spinning speed, leaving me wondering to what purpose.  Page filler, perhaps?  For instance, an old con artist is thrown into the mix but rather than providing tension, just morphs into a family friend, basically because he and his wife are cute.  But very unnecessary to the story.

A subplot about some letters to their dead father is introduced, to provide the reasoning for the third book, but again,  treated more as filler than real plot.

 However, despite my complaints, I did enjoy the book.  Like most Nora Roberts, the scenery and setting is lovely and the characters are blessed with a bit more common sense than in most romance novels.


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