Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

Petalfrog’s #CBR4 Review #16: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Full disclosure here. I ADORE Anthony Bourdain. I want to travel around the world with him and eat all the food and drink all the wine, and rub up on his lanky, crude, crusty, 6’4 body. Yes this is true. I love Anthony Bourdain and want to make foodie babies with him (these aren’t real babies, these are the round belly created after a huge meal). My boyfriend knows this, so I can say it here 🙂 So what I’m saying is, I figured going into this book my bias would either make me hate the book or make me love it for no good reason. In the end though, I think my enjoyment of this book was fully rational!

Read the rest of the review at my blog here


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