Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

PerpetualIntern’s #CBR4 Review #11: Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz

I have yet to join the public library in my new town, and thus Cannonball Read is becoming an expensive endevour.  I decided to buy a Nook book on sale to save money.  The book was bad enough to drive me to join the library so I would never again have to submit myself to something as terrible as Witches of East End

Witches of East End takes place in a town on Long Island that by some magical property is not on any map, yet the residents who live there (save the 3 witches in a family) are unaware that their homes are impossible to find.  How their extended families come to visit, I’ll never know, but it is one of many things about the book that doesn’t really make sense.  The main characters are the mother and two daughters of a family of witches who have been banned from doing magic because they got themselves burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials.  Apparently they’re immortal and if they’re killed they are just reborn and start all over again.  For no reason at all they decide to buck “the Council” (some sort of high witches delegation, like a Watcher’s Council except not nearly as cool) and start practicing magic again.  A big crazy hole in the universe opens up and they have to fix it, etc. etc.

It’s really not worth going into detail about this book.   There are witches and vampires and gods and goddesses and parallel universes and all sorts of stuff, but since I didn’t care about the characters none of it mattered.  I was appalled to learn that this is one in a series about this family.  I’m not sure how the first book got published, let alone a series of them, but needless to say, I will not be checking out the others.


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