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Gabe3886′s #CBR4 review #5 Pacific Vortex by Clive Cussler

Pacific Vortex by Clive CusslerThe US Navy’s latest and greatest nuclear submarine is out on its test voyage in the pacific ocean when the underwater terrain changes and the sea bed rises in places which are not on their charts.  When the captain has a look out, he notices a mysterious fog patch in a place where, logically, there should not be one.  The submarine changes course to investigate the mysterious bank of fog, but things start to go wrong.  The sea bed rises faster than they expect and they find themselves stuck.

No trace was found of the submarine, and the Navy’s greatest technological vessel has been lost in what is called The Pacific Vortex.

Six months later, Dirk Pitt is relaxing on a beach when he notices something unusual in the water.  Being experienced with the sea, he ventures out very carefully to get it, but doesn’t realise how bad things are.  Once he finally struggles back to shore and opens the capsule he has a realisation of how important this object is and informs the Navy.  It appears there is a sign of the submarine after all.

To read the rest of the story overview, and what I thought of the first Dirk Pitt novel by Clive Cussler, read the review on my website.

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