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Petalfrog’s #CBR4 review #17: The Calling by Robert Swartwood

I actually have a lot to say about this book which certainly says something, I’m just not sure what. Before that though, I have a nifty story to tell. After writing my second review of Robert Swartwood’s work, No Shelter, Swartwood himself posted comments on my reviews! I geeked out totally, emailed him, and we had a couple email exchanges where I got to ask questions about his writing process, as well as the online publishing process. It was all very cool, and he was very gracious and down to earth. He also sent me the e-versions of two of his newer novels “The Calling” and “The Dishonored Dead.” I put off reading them to add some variety to my reading list and reviews, but decided it was finally time.

One of my biggest criticisms of the other three Swartwood books I’d read was that he seemed to be stuck in one archetypal tale–that of the protagonist’s loved ones getting kidnapped and the protagonist having to go above and beyond to find them. Well, The Calling certainly does not follow that format, so it was exciting to read something totally different from him.

Read the review at my blog!

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