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narfna’s #CBR4 Review #37: Ready Player One (audiobook) by Ernest Cline, narr. by Wil Wheaton

Look, I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to read this book again immediately after I read it the first time, because that’s exactly what I did. I reserved the audiobook at my library, and when it came in, I rushed my fanny over there to check it out. It was a glorious three weeks of listening to Wil Wheaton’s gravelly nerd voice driving back and forth from work, and the story held up wonderfully on re-read.

Actually, probably the closest comparison I can make for having re-read the book so soon is like that thing you sometimes do (or maybe you don’t, I don’t know, but I definitely do) when you go and see a movie and you love it so much that you immediately go out and watch it three more times. The last time I did that was for Star Trek back in 2009. God, I love that movie.

Coincidentally, Wil Wheaton did the voices for all the Romulans in Star Trek — that dude is just really good at his shit. So not only did I get to listen to this book and its awesomeness all over again, but his performance is wonderful. It’s one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to (some of my other favorites are Ron Perlman’s narration of City of Thieves, Stephen Fry’s narration of the Harry Potter books, which I MUCH prefer to the Jim Dale versions, and Lenny Henry’s performance of Anansi Boys. Henry’s performance actually elevates the book, and I’m convinced it’s the reason it’s one of my favorite books, when everyone I know who’s read it and NOT listened to the audiobook merely enjoyed it. Longest parenthetical ever). Wil Wheaton has actually narrated a bunch of John Scalzi books, and since I’m on a Scalzi reading kick right now, I hope I can track some inexpensive or free versions of those books down sometime soon. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, as my library system is being a huge buzzkill at the moment.

Anyway, let’s all just take a moment and give thanks for Wil Wheaton. Wil: I appreciate you. I like your beard and your gravelly voice and how super super nerdy you are. I also secretly like Wesley Crusher, but don’t tell anyone or I’ll lose all my internet cred.


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15 thoughts on “narfna’s #CBR4 Review #37: Ready Player One (audiobook) by Ernest Cline, narr. by Wil Wheaton

  1. 1. I also went out and saw Star Trek 3 times. I know the feeling.
    2. I’ve been thinking about reading this and I’m glad you recommended the audio book – I’ve never listened to one before and this might be the perfect audio book to start with.

  2. I saw Star Trek three times too, so you are not alone. I also liked Wesley Crusher, and was surprised to see all the vitriol on the interwebs about the character. My affection might have been tied to the enormous crush I had on Wil Wheaton as a kid – that admission is nerdy enough to make up for my liking Wesley, right?

    • I don’t get all the vitriol, either. Some people just like to hate on things?

      I think it’s totally cool you liked Wesley Crusher. In fact, most of the people fandom thinks are “annoying” don’t faze me at all, i.e. Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t even hate Jar Jar Binks (although I don’t particularly care for him, either).

      • I am indifferent to Jar Jar Binks on the whole, and didn’t understand the hatred of Dawn either. I don’t know – maybe I am just not easily irritated?

  3. My husband is a huge Star Trek fan, and was so worried that the new Star Trek movie was going to suck – and then it didn’t (we also saw it multiple times in the cinema, and now own it on DVD). A big relief to both of us (as he tends to be very vocal in his disapproval if things he loves disappoint him – don’t get me started on the most recent season of Doctor Who – thanks, Steven Moffat).

    As I also loved Ready Player One, and I love pretty much everything Wil Wheaton has done in recent years (he himself agrees that he can see why so many people hated Wesley Crusher – who really was an annoying little shit on occasion), I think I’ll have to check out the audio book of this. Normally, I don’t have the patience with audio books – it’s so much faster just reading the book myself, but with a re-read, I probably wouldn’t be so impatient.

    Then I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that Wheaton will reprise his role as Fawkes in the next season of The Guild, and that he and Felicia Day’s character get together. 😀

    • But Fawkes is such a . . . douchebag. Well, I guess he’s okay now, right? I haven’t rewatched season five yet so it’s a little fuzzy in my memory.

      • He’s clearly just hiding his inner pain, like so many initially douchy romance heroes. He helps Cyd during Season five after all. That’s what makes me hopeful that he may be returning in some capacity for season six, and maybe he’s changed his superior douchy ways.

      • Oh, so you’re thinking of him as a rake. That makes sense then.

  4. baxlala on said:

    I saw the first X-Files movie four times in one day. I KNOW.

    • I’d never seen X-Files before I was dragged to that movie for a birthday party, but I ended up loving it the most of anyone there, and then I dreamed about it all night long. M&S=4EVA. Also, nightmares, because it scared the crap out of me.

      • baxlala on said:

        It was creepy! And when Scully is in that ice pod thing? And Mulder rips that umbilical cord thing out of her throat? That makes me gag every time.

      • It was the black oil infecting the kids in Texas that did it for me. And the alien in the dark who eats that guy. Shudder.

  5. Joss Whedon would understand us, given his repeated viewing of Close Encounters.

  6. Kelli on said:

    I’ve been on the fence about this book – I heard mixed things when it was first published last year, but I’ve heard so much better buzz this year that I’m thinking of adding it to my summer reading list. In fact, your review and a review that I heard yesterday on an AM radio I try to keep up with called “The Book Report” really convinced me that this is a must-add for my summer reading list. I’m actually going to check out The Book Report’s website since they archive past shows since I think the review was only of the hardcover novel and not the audio book — reading yours I see it makes a difference.

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