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sevenstories’ #CBR4 Review #31: The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce

“My brother believes he is being chased by a demon… a demon that makes things vanish. Carnegie Medallist Frank Cottrell Boyce transports readers from the steppe of Mongolia to the street of Liverpool in a story that is compelling, miraculous and laugh out loud funny.”

This is a lovely, charming and quirky story of family and friendship. Cottrell Boyce also weaves in serious themes of refugees and self which lend the book a melancholy touch at times. The beautiful printing on exercise book notepaper with photographs means the entire book is a entirely enjoyable experience. The story was inspired by a true story, when the author visited a school that had a Mongolian little girl who was taken by Immigration Services with her family and never seen again. Cottrell Boyce is a wonderful writer who can write lovely, easy to read stories such as this that have beautiful writing and characters and depths and emotions that can surprise you. I would highly recommend this, and Cottrell Boyce’s other work, for a short read full of humour, heartbreak and moments of universal human experience.

The full review is on my blog.

First Line: ‘I hadn’t seen this photograph since the day it was taken, until now.’

Why I read it: I bought it for my library stock and couldn’t resist the cover and the wonderful photos inside.

Who I would recommend it for: Fans of easy to read but moving stories such as Chimichanga by Eric Powell.


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One thought on “sevenstories’ #CBR4 Review #31: The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce

  1. karo on said:

    I read it when it was Liverpool’s Big Read a while ago. It was a very quick read (don’t they trust us with longer things?), but one of the best hours I ever spent in my library. Lovely story, lots of localisms. (Is that even a word?)

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