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GoddessofApathy’s #CBR4 Review #2: Death and the Virgin Queen, by Chris Skidmore

Death and the Virgin Queen, by Chris Skidmore is non-fiction of course, and I picked it up from the school’s library hoping for something compelling and informative. I have been in awe of Elizabeth I for quite some time and the story of Elizabeth’s romantic life has always intrigued me. The book promised to give me insight into Elizabeth’s relationship with Robert Dudley, as well as information about Robert’s wife, Amy Robsart’s, tragic death. Amy was found dead at the bottom of a staircase, and conspiracy theories followed. Was it an accident? Was she murdered? Could it have been suicide?

There was so much I wanted to find out in this book, but I was disappointed with the pace. There were many details, however, about coroner’s inquests and procedures of the time period.  The coroner’s report was supposedly lost, but it was discovered in the National Archives in England.   I feel the same as always about Robert Dudley: he was a user of Queen Elizabeth for his own personal gain. Queen Elizabeth was a woman that even with all the power of England, still just wanted someone to love her.

I do find myself more interested in Dudley’s wife and Elizabeth’s rival, Amy Robsart. Who was she? There is not a lot of information about her and I would really like to know what kind of woman was she. Did she love Robert? Did she know she was an obstacle in her husband’s life? Did she care? There are so many more questions I want answered, but I that was not the author’s main focus.

I have read reviewers of Skidmore’s book who referred to it as “informative,” and “sparkling,” but I have somehow missed out on this. I may need to review it at a later time and I may find it more engaging.

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