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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #16: Matilda by Roald Dahl

First of all, this was the best book I’ve ever read.

Matilda is a five year-old genius.  She has really mean parents and an even meaner headmistress at school, Miss Trunchbull.  They don’t care at all that she’s very smart.  But she does have one nice teacher, Miss Honey, who encourages Matilda to be as smart as she can be.  Matilda also seems to have special powers — she can move things with her mind.

Matilda loves to read, but her parents hate books.  They won’t let her read, and always say “No More Books!” and make her and her brother (who they are very nice to for some reason) watch tv all the time.  She has to go to the library when her parents are out to be able to read at all.

At school, everyone is afraid of Miss Trunchbull, even the teachers.  She hates kids.  She hates learning. She throws kids out the window, she picks them up by their hair, she makes them eat a whole cake (even if they don’t want to!) until they feel sick, and she says lots of mean and nasty things.  Using her magic, Matilda scares Miss Trunchbull so badly that she decides to leave the school, leaving the children free to be happy and learn.

Matilda’s only real friends are Ms. Phelps (the librarian) and the lovely Miss Honey.  When Matilda’s parents get in trouble with the police (her father sells cars that he knows are bad and then steals money from customers) they plan to move away to Spain, Miss Honey lets Matilda stay with her and then adopts her.  Then Matilda can read all she wants and get a terrific education.

I am really enjoying all of these books by Roald Dahl and I think I’ll read the BFG next!

You can read more of Bunnybean’s reviews on her mom’s blog.

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One thought on “Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #16: Matilda by Roald Dahl

  1. mrssmithreads on said:

    Great review Bunnybean! My daughter, who is 11, also really likes Matilda. If you like Roald Dahl, you might like Shel Silverstein too. Keep up the great reading and reviews!

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