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Quorren’s #CBR4 Review #29 Birds of Prey: Sensei and Student By Gail Simone

Birds of Prey was a DC comic series following the adventures of Oracle (formerly Batgirl), Black Canary and Huntress.  The series has gotten a lot of praise, mainly due to the writer, Gail Simone.  Simone is a great writer and the best choice to take over this series, mainly because Simone is female.  I’m not saying that men can’t write complex and meaningful female characters, but it is a rarity in the comic book world that a female gets more than one dimension.

Sensei and Student breaks up the dynamic duo of Oracle and Black Canary.  Canary travels to Hong Kong as one of her former martial arts masters is slowly dying of cancer.  She meets Lady Shiva there, as Shiva was also one of his students.  Canary and Shiva are at odds, as Shiva is the world’s best assassin whereas Canary uses her martial arts for saving lives.  Meanwhile, Oracle is having computer difficulties, which, as computers are kind of her super power, makes this a BIG PROBLEM.  She eventually is abducted by the evil Senator from the first book.

My biggest problem with the book came with the introduction of Cheshire, the world’s leading poison expert.  Shiva and Canary believe Cheshire murdered their sensei and come to question her in the middle of the night.  Cheshire emerges from her bed in the worl’d skimpiest nightgown ever and jumps out the window…into the conveniently placed pool.  Her and Canary tussle in the water, while I was waiting for the panel when the Girls Gone Wild crew would jump out of the bushes.  I don’t know if the artist were required to draw Cheshire in a certain way to keep with cannon or not, but they should have their pens and pencils taken away regardless.  And they should attend a physics class because they have no idea how gravity works.  When you put a busty women in a silky costume and have some sort of breast coverage come up from underneath her impossibly perky HHH cups, there will be a nipple peep show in the near future.  Unless she super glued the corner down, there is no why that piece of fabric is going to stand at attention on it’s own accord.

 I know, I know.  Comic books, like musicals, require a heightened suspension of disbelief.  But seriously.  She is one grabby Timberlake away from a wardrobe malfunction.  And a purple nurple.  Because you know angry generic Asian guy behind her there is going to fight dirty.

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