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DragonDreamsJen’s #CBR4 Review #42 Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Having read and reviewed the first 3 novels in the Chronicles of Nick Young Adult series, I decided to pick up a few of Sherrilyn’s other novels in the Dark Hunter series to read how the adventures all began.  Fantasy Lover was published in 2002 and laid the foundation for the incredibly detailed and riveting world or romance, magic and all things paranormal that Kenyon has become famous for.

Like many typical romance novels, Fantasy Lover begins with two apparently star-crossed lovers.  Grace Alexander is a young, urban professional woman but Julian is an ancient Spartan warrior who has been trapped in a book by a two thousand year old curse.  He may only be released to fulfill someone’s sexual fantasies as a love-slave before being trapped back into the book’s pages.

Reading the back jacket intrigued me.  Reading the inside story caused my pulse to race on several occasions.  I think that even Nora Roberts would blush at some of the vivid and passionate scenes contained in these pages.  Small wonder that these books seemed a bit too risqué for some publishers a decade ago when most romance novels were historical but not also paranormal.  What makes Kenyon’s writing so unique is not only the detailed plots and twists, but the strong, believable characters.  There is plenty of pathos and compassion, heroism and selflessness as well as intrigue and attention to detail.  There are also scenes that might make you blush!

The second book in this series, Night Pleasures, apparently deals with Nick’s mentor, Kyrian and the resolution of his particular Dark Hunter curse… so of course I had to venture out to the bookstore yet again…

Sigh! So many wonderful books and only 24 hours in each day…

Paperback format, 337 pages, published in 2002 by St. Martin’s Griffin


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