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chasitymoody’s #CBR4 Review #8 American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I JUST finished American Gods. My initial read tells me that it wasn’t a book that rates on the “I couldn’t put it down” scale. Actually, I put this book down several times. Deciphering religious ideologies and cultural beliefs, is not something I normally do when it comes to fiction.

I generally use fiction to escape and clear my head from all of that other crap I have to think about all the time. I use literature that deals in archetypes and profundity as a mental yoga practice. In other words, I use that type of fiction as a means to take a mental breath. I use it to stretch and challenge myself. But, when a friend of mine kept raving on and on about it, I thought, “why not?”

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One thought on “chasitymoody’s #CBR4 Review #8 American Gods by Neil Gaiman

  1. commanderstrikeher on said:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who couldn’t read it all the way through without a break. I finally finished it the third time I attempted to read it. My impressions were the same as yours. Good review!

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