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ambern’s #CBR4 Review #20 Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

The final volume of the Princess Diaries series picks up over a year after the last one, right before Mia’s graduation from high school.  She hasn’t been writing in her journal because she was busy completing her senior project—a romance novel.  Of course she has led her friends and family to believe that she wrote about the history of Genovian olive oil pressing to ensure that they will not ask to read it.

Mia has been accepted into every school that she applies for but is reluctant to go to any of them because she feels that they only want a princess at their schools and her novel (submitted under a pseudonym) hasn’t been accepted by any publishers.  She is still dating J.P. but doesn’t feel as happy with him as she was with Michael, and J.P. doesn’t smell as good either.  So when Michael comes back from Japan, Mia is eager and nervous to see him.

While she wants to focus on Michael and how he feels about her, Mia has several obligations to worry about: her birthday gala, prom, graduation, choosing a college, and the outcome of Genovia’s first elections.  High school is almost over and she is realizing just how scary it is to leave it behind and become an adult.

I love this book and feel that it wrapped the series up well.  While I would love to have more of these characters, there is closure for everyone so I can’t be too upset.  Overall this is a silly series that I just can’t get enough of and I will miss the intensely crazy Mia Thermopolis.

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