Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

DragonDreamsJen’s #CBR4 Review #52 Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

 Cannonball Challenge Completed! 52 Books read and still going strong!

I am feeling a bit obsessive right now as the pendulum swings back and forth madly between  Darkover novels and Dark-Hunter tales, but it is actually very easy to keep both series straight in my head as I plow my way through them.  For me, this is the true joy of being a natural speed reader. If only I could write my reviews as fast!

I am actually reading book #61 right now, so hopefully my reviews can catch up in August when Volleyball for both daughters winds down.  I plan to continue the challenge as some other reviewers have done to see just how many books I can get through before the end of 2012.

The review of Dance with the Devil has been posted on my BookHoardingDragon blog.

Happy Reading to all of you still working towards your full or half Cannonball!

Whooooo Hoooooooo!

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3 thoughts on “DragonDreamsJen’s #CBR4 Review #52 Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  1. Congrats on finishing the full 52!

  2. mswas on said:


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