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pyrajane’s review #26: 1984 by George Orwell

There’s nothing like reading about dystopia to make you overwhelmed and ready to ignore everything so you can pretend to be happy.

It’s also interesting and a bit creepy to pick up a book you though you had already read only to realize the ideas have become so commonplace that you’ve sort of tricked yourself into thinking you had read it.  There’s a reason 1984 is on Must Read lists and why it’s also banned in many places.

Pick it up for a read or a reread and decide if ignorance is bliss.

Read more of my confusion, apathy, and awareness over here.

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One thought on “pyrajane’s review #26: 1984 by George Orwell

  1. Your review was beautifully written, passionate and very thought-provoking. Having read 1984 in the mid 70s for the first time, I can remember as a young teenager thinking that the world would never get that way. Every time I reread it now, I marvel at how accurately he predicted some of the things we take for granted. Why fight against rising grocery prices and world hunger when you can just go harvest your crops in an on-line game? Why speak out against anything when you could just let yourself be entertained and socially connected 24/7. All of the advances we’ve made in technology certainly make for happier sheep. Keep asking questions!

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