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pyrajane’s review #31: Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

Few things make me happier than when an author accurately captures the voice of a YA protagonist.  Silvey nails it in Jasper Jones.

Our narrator is Charlie Bucktin.  It’s summer break in a small town in Australia and Charlie plans on spending his time off reading piles of books, working on his writing (his secret passion), and hanging out with his equally nerdy, best friend Jeffrey.

And all of this changes with the very first sentence of the book.

Read more about why I liked this book so much and why I was so happy with Charlie’s voice.


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2 thoughts on “pyrajane’s review #31: Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

  1. Ohhh, sounds good I will be adding this to my list immediately!

    I went through that NPR list, too, but was a little skeptical of some entries and wondered if they’re actually good or just teenage girls love them good (especially since Twilight and the City of Bones books ranked so high).

  2. Go Ask Alice is on there too. I think I actually groaned out loud when I saw it.

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