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Bothari’s #CBR4 Review #36: Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman

I’ve enjoyed Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series, so I thought I’d give his other character a try. Petra Connor is a detective with two open cases. One is a street shooting that ended up with four dead teenagers outside a theater, which is causing a lot of pressure from the public, and the other is a pattern that an intern discovered, where a murder occurs every year on the same date. That day is coming up, so there’s also a lot of pressure there, with a nebulous case and a tight deadline.

I know Kellerman isn’t exactly great literature, but this book just didn’t seem like his best effort. The mystery was fine, but not terribly engrossing. Petra was a little too stereotypical for me. She’s the tough cop chick, but still hot. She’s a loner, but partners up with her boyfriend to take down criminals. She doesn’t always play by the book, so her superiors are suspicious. It just all seemed very expected. Kellerman tries to add some interest with the socially awkward genius intern (yawn), but it was all pretty forgettable.

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