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Quorren’s #CBR4 Review #51 The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 2)

For awhile there, I was convinced this book was cursed.  I ordered it online immediately after reading the first.  The first seller couldn’t send the book.  The next seller sent it, but my mail thief struck again for the third time.  The third seller took too long to send it, so I just went and bought it at the bookstore.  The next day, the third seller’s copy arrived.  So I either severely lack the book, or I have an overabundance.

The story picks up a few years after the events in the previous book.  John Mandrake (formerly Nathaniel) now is apprentices to one of the highest wizards in England and Mandrake is in charge of routing the Resistance, a group of commoners who are opposed to wizard rule.  While the first book switched perspective between Nathaniel and Bartimaeus, this one adds the perspective of Kitty, a teenager involved in the Resistance with a curious immunity to magic.  A new threat has broken out in London and Mandrake has to recall Bartimaeus from The Other Place to take care of it.  Meanwhile, the Resistance received help from a mysterious benefactor in the wizarding government.

Maybe it was the hassle to get my hands on this book that maxed out my expectations, but I was left unsatisfied with this installment.  I felt Stroud went overboard on cultivating Mandrake’s wizardry sleaze, which may make it a hard sell in Book Three, which I’m sure will have his inevitable turning point where he becomes a good person again.  Then again, two of the three characters are 15 or 16, which really is the height of teenage annoyance, for those that aren’t teenagers.

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2 thoughts on “Quorren’s #CBR4 Review #51 The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 2)

  1. Glad to know you finally got to read the book. Your review intrigued me enough that I may add this to my reading list before December. Job well done!

  2. I just finished the third book last week (I am SO behind on my reviews) and it really makes the trilogy a worthwhile read. I highly recommend it!

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