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meilufay’s #CBR4 review #41 The Devil’s Right Hand (Dante Valentine #3) by Lilith Saintcrow

This is the third book in the goth urban paranormal Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow.  It’s going to be very difficult for me to review this book because saying anything about the plot will give away spoilers for the first two books and I don’t want to do that.

So instead let me just say that this was the book that broke me.  Despite the fact that I bought all five Dante Valentine books in a bundle so I paid for books four and five, I have no intention of reading them.  The premise of the series is that heroine Dante Valentine is a seriously effed up woman who is forced by the events in the series to confront her demons and (I assume) ultimately heal.  Dante is lucky in that she survived her abusive childhood to become a functional adult.  But she’s only functional on a material level.  She’s completely messed up on the inside and because of it she is absolutely horrible to all the people who love her.  I understand psychologically why Dante is this way but honestly I broke up with her as a character just as I would break up with a friend or lover who treated me the way Dante treats her friends and lovers.  It’s not that I don’t think Dante deserves love and happiness but she needs to sort her sh*t out and she was just not doing it fast enough for me to stick around for books four and five.  I’m fairly certain that the arc of the series will get Dante there but she’ll just have to continue her journey without me as a reader.  I’m done.

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