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meilufay’s #CBR4 review #46 Mark of the Demon (Kara Gillian #1) by Diana Rowland

I read the first four Kara Gillian books in a rush about six months ago so I apologize if my review is a little fuzzy on the details.

Mark of the Demon is the first book in Diana Rowland’s series about main character Kara Gillian.  Kara is a summoner, which means she can summon demons.  In this world, demons are beings from a different dimension; they are neither good nor evil.  Basically, summoners summon the demons into this world and then make deals with those demons, bartering (mostly) services across dimensional lines.  Of course, it’s a one-way thing and while demons and summoners can form friendly working relationships, the demons never get to choose when they are pulled into our dimension.  Because of this, demons resent their human summoners and occasionally take advantage of any loopholes in the summoning agreement to punish their human summoners.  So a lot like magical beings in old folk tales.

Kara’s day job is as a police detective in rural Louisiana (seriously, why are all paranormal romantic mysteries set in the deep south?).  At the beginning of the book she is summoned to a murder scene.  She quickly realizes that the murder fits in with a cold case serial killer referred to as “Symbol Man”.  As she is investigating the murders, she meets two men (so to speak).  One is an incredibly powerful, blonde, hunky Demon lord named Rhyzkahl (demon lords are demons so powerful that they can not be bound in any way), the other is FBI Agent Ryan Kristoff.  Kristoff is clearly intended to be a potential love interest but in this book Kara is much more absorbed with Rhyzkahl.  She’s smart enough to know that he’s dangerous and that his attempts to seduce her have to do with more than sex, but she IS human and he IS hot.

I enjoyed this book.  I thought Rowland did a good job of setting up her world and I obviously was really interested in it because I read three more books in the series one after another.  I think if you’re a fan of this particular sub-genre you will probably enjoy this book and series, too.


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