Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

Rebecca’s #CBR4 Review #31: The Walking Dead 7-8 by Robert Kirkman et al.

In the previous volumes of The Walking Dead, Rick, his family, and the other survivors have struggled to find a home, finally finding what seems like safety inside a prison. When they went out in search of other survivors, they found Woodbury, a community run by a sadistic man who called himself “The Governor” and used the survivors that came their way as fodder for their gladiator-like games between zombies and humans.

Rick, Glenn, Michonne and some of the Woodbury citizens escape together, and go back to the prison. They know that the Governor will be searching for them, and will find them eventually. Although this development keeps the plot going, I am not convinced that the Governor is quite the amazing villain that many fans find him to be. He is fairly one-dimensional, evil for the sake of evil – not a complex, charismatic villain like, say, Gus Fring of Breaking Bad, Bernie Rose of Drive, Omar on The Wire, to name some recent examples of interesting villains. The Governor never really rises to this level, and the books put an overly simplistic gloss on the way that he maintains power.

The books do move the forward by getting the survivors out of the prison, and it will be interesting to see where it goes. At the end, Lori and the baby are dead (why did they bother writing the whole pregnancy/baby thing in if they are going to jettison it a few books later? I know the father could have been Shane, but a pregnancy scare without a pregnancy would have done the same thing in terms of character), and Rick and Carl are alone. They do not think that others have survived, but we will see.

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