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BoatGirl’s #CBR4 Review #55:Heller’s Girlfriend by J.D. Nixon

I’ve fallen behind on reviews, and actually read this a few months back.   Heller’s Girlfriend is the 3rd book in the Tilly Chalmers series by J. D. Nixon, about an Australian woman working for a high end security service.  Her boss, Heller, is a beautiful psychopath who is obsessed with her and a total jerk.

 I read these books going “Get out while you still can, Tilly!  Heller will kill you someday.”

 In this one, Heller has a new girlfriend, who may be as much of a psycho as he is and hates Tilly because she (rightfully) sees her as competition for Heller’s attention.  Throughout the book, Tilly is shoved from demanding case to demanding case, without her normal security blanket of being able to call Heller for backup, as he believes she isn’t calling for help, but to interfere with his relationship.

 The thing I recall about these books is how much they seemed like a tv series.  I felt like each book is a season of a tv show, with multiple distinct episodes in the book and an slight tie in for the season.  In this book, the season tie in was Heller’s girlfriend, causing problems in most of the episodes by keeping Heller from being involved, but otherwise mostly playing a bit part until the season finale, when she stole the show.  It made me start to think quite a bit about the evolution of books, first with theater then with movies then with tv.  Maybe that’s the sort of thing that English majors will go, yeah, that’s Lit 101, but for a science major it’s a pretty novel concept to realize that theater came first, and when we started writing stories, we were writing down what had already been acted out.  So writing books as though they are a tv series seems par for the course.  However, it was kind of shocking to me to think about it since the last I heard was 12th grade English, when we were still being told that every book needs to have a plot and a theme.


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