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Captain Tuttle’s #CBR4 Review #11 – Charlotte – Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Amindara

I’m a sucker for Jane Austen and (almost) all of the Austen-adjacent stories.  Some of them are actually almost decent.  This is one of those, a “what if” story following Charlotte Lucas-Collins after she leaves Meryton for Kent and a life with the lovely and talented Mr. Collins.

Charlotte is now living in Hunsford with the toadying Mr. Collins, dealing with the awful and interfering Lady Catherine de Bourgh, wanting a family, but not exactly thrilled with how one acquires a family.  Charlotte chafes at her situation, and at the hold the de Bourghs have over everyone in town.  As she gets to know her neighbors, she learns just how much Lady Catherine involves herself in everyone’s lives, mainly to their detriment.

A twist in this book that I’m not terribly fond of:  Charlotte begins something of an intrigue with Colonel Fitzwilliam – he falls in love with her and tries to get her to run away with him.  There’s a confrontation with Collins, Lizzie and Darcy show up, and I won’t spoil the ending.

It’s a simple, easy read, and best done with a working knowledge of Pride & Prejudice.  This book won’t set the world on fire, but it will provide a brief escape from the usual stupid daily-life crap, which is all I was looking for.


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2 thoughts on “Captain Tuttle’s #CBR4 Review #11 – Charlotte – Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Amindara

  1. Prolixity Julien on said:

    I should very much like a spoiler. Does it have a happy ending? Does Mr. Collins have a freak curricle accident? Fingers crossed.

    • dearsexyknickers on said:

      Hee. Well, in this one he’s alive, and they rediscover their love. It pissed me off because they made the Colonel (whom I adore) a jerk. BUT – there’s another one out there (can’t remember the name) where Collins is already dead. I loved it.

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