Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

Captain Tuttle’s #CBR4 Review #15 – Pemberley to Waterloo by Anna Elliott

I think this might be my last Austen-ish book for a while. One can only read so much of this stuff.  This is the continuation of  Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, after Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam are in love.  I’ve already given my opinion of that (I disapprove).

Fitzwilliam is back from fighting Napoleon, and he’s got some serious PTSD. He has trouble dealing with everyone, even Georgiana, although she seems to be able to soothe him. Then Napoleon escapes from prison, and is on the march again.  Fitzwilliam is off to Belgium to fight, and Georgiana decides to go too (just like Becky Sharp, only way less cunning).  Somehow the little hothouse flower makes it.  Then Fitzwilliam is wounded, she has to search for him, then nurse him back to health.

Much like all of these other Austen-lite books, this one is fine, a nice diversion.  I’m not sure if it’s available in print or only for Kindle (full disclosure, it was a freebie), but if you like Austen, and don’t mind the whole Georgiana/Fitzwilliam thing, then this would be worth a read.


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