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A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

Rebecca’s #CBR4 Review #42: What Einstein Told His Cook by Robert L. Wolke

What Einstein Told his Cook: Kitchen Science Explained is a compendium of facts on different topics related to cooking and food. It has a lot of interesting information in it, but as it has no overarching theme or thesis, is best read in bits and pieces for the value of the trivia in it.

Wolke looks at topics such as salt, fat, and temperature in each chapter, explaining topics in 1/2 – 2 page subheadings that answer a particular question, like “why is red meat red?” “why do we add salt to boiling water?” and “what are trans fats?”

While there is knowledge to be gained – particularly regarding how microwaves work, and whether there is any danger in eating microwaved food – it is ultimately a book that is better as a reference than to be read all the way through.


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3 thoughts on “Rebecca’s #CBR4 Review #42: What Einstein Told His Cook by Robert L. Wolke

  1. I loved this book and read it straight through. I found it fascinating and enjoyable. Every time I wash mushrooms, I remember what he said about them.

  2. He says to ignore all the people who tell you that you have to use a brush or whatever to wash them. Go ahead and dunk them in the water.

    He also says the mushrooms on pizza are gross. No wait, that was me.

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