Cannonball Read IV

A bunch of Pajibans reading and reviewing and honoring AlabamaPink.

Jordan Bravado’s #CBR4 Review #6: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connolly

“The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly”

Mickey Haller, a veritable phenom of a defence attorney, leads a busy life. So busy that any place he lives remains empty, as he works constantly inside one of his Lincoln Town Cars. He’s not above manipulating the law to get his way, because with thousands of dollars at stake with every high-profile case, he needs to make his ends meet.

Luckily, one high-profile case comes to him in the form of Louis Roulet, a bored, rich kid with an arrest for an assault. He knows he can squeeze every ounce of money from this seemingly easy, but Louis Roulet, his new client is a different form of evil. As Mickey unravels secrets around Roulet, he discovers a dangerous connection between the two that can ultimately destroy both himself and the case.

The book moves at a great pace, and is the ultimate summer page-turner. Each character has tons of personality, and even the courtroom scenes, which are usually depicted as cold and dry, are slightly jubilant. As dark and scary as things get, there’s always something good to look forward to.

Connolly has written a great novel, full of action and surprises, legalese and personality. It’s a great mystery, a wonderful thriller, and a brilliant piece of modern literature for those who like a lighter vocabulary in their novels.


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