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Jordan Bravado’s #CBR4 Review #7: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

“Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson”

I got this biography for Christmas, right after the death of Steve Jobs. He had granted life access to Walter Isaacson and gave him many candid interviews and insight into the life and times of the Apple co-creater.

Steve was a very interesting fellow. He was bossy, insistent, loud, occasionally obnoxious and a hard person to work for/with. But most geniuses are, if not all of them. A portrait of a man born with very unique ideas and takes on philosophies, Isaacason captures Jobs as more of an asshole than anything else, and how everybody loved him despite his negative influences.

It details his impressive history with circuitry, drugs, religion and his disconnected family. Isaacson talks with old girlfriends, wives and kids, and really tries to get as much dirt about Steve as the book can handle, but it doesn’t even come across as personal. He knows so much about the man he’s writing, but the book is cold and distant. He’s keeping himself out of the loop completely, which helps create an odd atmosphere I didn’t quite enjoy. It was “fly-on-the-wall”, or an invitation to a social group that I didn’t belong to.

The point of the book is seemingly nothing. It’s just for those who really care about Steve’s story, and unfortunately it’s told from someone who seemed to think it tedious. And it’s dryer than an 80-year old vagina.

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