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The Grace Hurricane’s #CBR4 Review #3: The Black Belt Club #1 – Seven Wheels of Power by Dawn Barnes

(illustrated by Bernard Chang)

I read The Black Belt Club #1 – Seven Wheels of Power and it was a good book because I like karate. This book is about a black belt club who have to go on a mission to this tree called the Tree of Life and find the seven wheels of power. A bad guy called The Death Master Mundi has stolen the wheels. The book is part paragraphs and part comic book, and I liked that.

My favorite character was the boy Max because he was new to the black belt club, and by the end of the book, he learned how to use his animal power, the bear. I’ve read this book three times. I am going to try and read other books in the series.

(This review was by a 7 year old Junior Cannonballer, and her review was typed by her mother Sara, whose site can be found here.)

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