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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #12: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Right now, I’m on spring break from school and have been able to catch up on my reading and reviewing!

I read Charlotte’s Web, the story of Wilbur the pig and his friend Charlotte the spider.

Wilbur is a runt pig who lives on a farm, and is saved from being killed by Fern, the hog farmer’s daughter.  Fern told her dad that it wasn’t fair to kill the baby pig just because he was smaller than the other pigs.  Fern named the pig Wilbur and she took care of him.

Wilbur grew up and when it was almost time for him to be killed for bacon and pork, he was saved by another friend.  Charlotte the spider, who lived in the barn, spun webs that made words that described Wilbur…”Some Pig” and “Terrific”.  Wilbur becomes famous, and people come to the farm from all around to see him.

Farmer Zuckerman decides to bring Wilbur to the county fair so more people can see how special he is.  ”Zuckerman’s Famous Pig” wins a medal at the fair and is now safe from being eaten.

The end is sad, because Charlotte, who has been like a mother to Wilbur, has spider babies, and then she dies.  Wilbur is lonely without Charlotte, but then realizes that her babies can be his friends, too.

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #11: Meet Felicity by Valerie Tripp

Meet Felicity is one of the American Girl books.  It is about a girl named Felicity Merriman who lives in Williamsburg, VA in 1774.   There are a lot of books about Felicity and her friends, and this is the first one that introduces all of her friends and family.

This story is all about Felicity and a horse that she loves that she wishes were hers.

First of all, she tries to save a horse named Penny from a terrible, mean old man named Mr. Nye.  He keeps horses on his farm and is cruel to them, and some of them even die.  The last horse he had died, and Felicity wants to save Penny for herself.  She sneaks around Mr. Nye’s farm and becomes friends with Penny.  She gets in a bit of trouble when Mr. Nye finds her and threatens her.

She and her friend Ben come up with a plan to free Penny from the awful Mr. Nye.  She disguises herself in Ben’s clothes and they quietly go over to Mr. Nye’s farm in the night to free Penny and let her out into the woods.

I really liked this story, the history was interesting to me, and the illustrations told me a lot about the characters.  I live about 2 hours away from Williamsburg and have never been, but would like to go and see where Felicity lived.

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #10: The World of Pooh by A.A. Milne

The World of Pooh has all of the stories about Winnie the Pooh and his friends (Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, and, of course, Christopher Robin).  They live in the Hundred Acre Wood.

I have seen lots of Winnie the Pooh movies and videos, but I liked this book better.  I liked Pooh’s little songs he would sing to himself (“How sweet to be a cloud/Floating in the blue/Its makes him very proud/To be a little cloud”), and I loved the pictures.

My favorite story is the first one in the book, when Pooh hears some bees buzzing and thinks to himself, “Bees make honey, and I like honey” and he decides to climb all the way up a huge bee tree, pretending to be a bee, so he can get the honey.  But, he falls down.  He calls Christopher Robin, who helps him float up to the bees with a balloon (Pooh was pretending he was a little black cloud). This doesn’t work either.  When he is covered in mud and has fallen down twice, Pooh tells Christopher Robin that “these are the wrong sorts of bees” and he goes home for some of his own honey.

Some of the other stories that you might remember are when Piglet meets a Heffalump, when Pooh gets stuck inside Rabbit’s door, when Tigger moves to the forest, and when Eeyore has a birthday party (and gets a popped balloon in an empty honey jar — which he really liked — as a present).

My copy of this book used to look just like this picture, but when I was a baby, I ripped off the cover, and now our book is just plain (with a few bees printed on it).

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Scootsa1000’s #CBR4 Review #9: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I just finished reading The Graveyard Book, which I found in the children’s section of my library, and I started to read it, sitting comfortably in a sunny window seat, while my two year-old played with blocks and puzzles (I love my library), and thought to myself, “it doesn’t get much better than this”.

I don’t know why, but I always feel guilty when I finish a Neil Gaiman book (this is my third and a half — I didn’t finish one) and find that I didn’t LOVE it.  I guess I feel like I’m SUPPOSED to love his stuff…but I just don’t.  I like it just fine, but I don’t love it.  I like him enough that I’ve continued to pick up more of his books, but not enough to call myself a “fan”, or to finish the one book that I put aside when I lost interest.

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #9: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote a whole series of books about her life in the 1800′s (there is a TV show called Little House on the Prairie that is based on these books, and so far I’ve watched one episode.  I want to watch some more!).  The first book is called Little House in the Big Woods.  Its about a little girl named Laura who lives in the woods in Wisconsin with her Ma, Pa, older sister Mary, and baby sister Carrie.

Laura tells all kinds of stories about her life.  Mostly about how they lived back then: how Pa had to kill pigs and deer for their food, and how they used every single little bit of the animals and didn’t waste a bit.  They used every part: some for food, some to make clothes or shoes, and some to trade at the store.  Every week they made their own butter from the milk they got from their cows.  Ma sewed all of their clothes and Pa made them little toys out of wood.  They made their own cheese and even maple syrup!

They would play games and tell stories at night, and sometimes Pa would play his fiddle for the girls.  Sometimes they would pile up in their wagon and go visit their cousins or grandparents and one time they even went to a real town — Laura had never been to a store or a town before (the man who owned the store gave them lollypops, and Laura was so amazed, she couldn’t even say thank you).

My favorite part was that Mary had her own doll, but Laura didn’t.  Instead, she had a piece of corn in a corn husk that she pretended was a doll.  That made me laugh!

Life was hard in the big woods and they all worked hard all year long, but sometimes they had fun, too.  Laura’s grandparents had a dance at their house one time, and everyone had a great time watching grandma doing a jig!

The next book is called Farmer Boy (I already started reading this one), and it is about Laura’s future husband Almonzo, growing up on a farm.  He eats so much!

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #8: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More

This is a book made up of seven short stories by Roald Dahl, who also wrote great books like James & the Giant Peach, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I loved this book so much.  I think it was the best book I’ve ever read.

The stories in the book were: The Boy Who Talked With Animals, The Hitchhiker, The Mildenhall Treasure, The Swan, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Lucky Break, and A Piece of Cake.  The stories that stood out for me were The Swan and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

The Swan is a story about two boys who kill a swan and then torture and bully a little boy named Peter who tried to stop them.  It was really a sad story, because they killed a beautiful swan, and they really hurt Peter who was just trying to be nice. It wasn’t my favorite story, but I’ll always remember it because of how Peter stood up to the bullies.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is about a man (named Henry Sugar) who is rich and greedy.  He is 41 and not married because he doesn’t want to have to share his money and gold with a wife!  He goes to visit a friend a reads a book that changes everything for him.  The book is about a man in India who can see with his eyes closed, and can see through things.  Henry decides he has to learn to do this — he thinks he could make a lot of money in casinos if he could see the cards.  After years and years, he teaches himself to see without his eyes, but then learns that all his money can make other people happier than him.  He starts to give away all his money and everyone thinks he is a hero.

The rest of the stories were good, too.  I want to read more of Roald Dahl’s books!

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #7: Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt by Megan McDonald

In this story, there are two kids: Judy Moody and her little brother Stink.  They start out on a ferry boat with their parents and end up on Pirate Island. They meet a Pirate named Scurvy Sam, who tells them about a buried treasure on the island.

They try to find the treasure all over the island and follow clues that Scurvy Sam gives them.  They go all over the place: people’s houses, restaurants, and even gardens.

In the end, they find the treasure, and everyone on the island cheers.  My favorite part is when Judy and Stink are surprised by Scurvy Sam and yell out “Ahh! Who are you? Where did you come from?”

There are lots and lots of Judy Moody books.  Stink has his own books, too.  I’ll probably read some more.

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #6: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a story about a boy named Peter and his two-year old brother named Fudge.  Fudge is ridiculous!  He thinks he can fly and he loses his two front teeth trying to be a bird.  He smears mashed potatoes on the wall of a restaurant and pours a bowl of peas on his head for no reason.  He ruins Peter’s school project that was due on Monday!

When Fudge turned 3, he had a birthday party.  Peter wanted to leave and be with his friends, but his mom said that he had to stay and help.  One kid threw up, one kid peed on the floor, and the third kid cried the whole time.  It was a disaster!

Peter feels like Fudge gets all the attention all the time, and that he is nothing compared to Fudge.

In the beginning of the book, Peter got a pet turtle at his friend’s birthday party.  The turtle’s name was Dribble and Peter took really good care of him. One day Peter got home from school and was ready to feed Dribble, but Dribble was not in his bowl.  Peter looked everywhere, and then he asked Fudge.  Fudge started smiling and said “in tummy”. It turns out that Fudge had eaten Dribble!  He had to go to the hospital to get Dribble out.  Peter was very mad and sad — mad at Fudge for eating his turtle and sad that nobody cared about Dribble, only Fudge. In the end, Peter’s mom and dad feel sorry for him and his dad comes home with a big box.  Its a dog!  Peter named it Turtle, to remind him of Dribble.

There are three more books about Peter and Fudge and I’m going to read them all.

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #5: Dolphin Tale, A Tale of True Friendship by Emma Ryan

Last Fall, I saw the movie Dolphin Tale with my dad and really liked it.  Then I got the book, which I also really liked.

Dolphin Tale is the true story of a dolphin named Winter who gets caught in a crab trap, and all the people who try and get Winter a new tail (she had to have her tail removed to get out of the trap).  She kept swimming from side to side, and couldn’t go up and down without her tail.  The doctors invented a new plastic tale for her, but she didn’t like it and she ruined it.  They tried again and made a second tail, and it worked!  She liked the new tail and could swim again.

Sawyer is the boy who was Winter’s friend.  He found her in the crab trap and visited her every day.  He called the Marine Hospital and told them about Winter.  They are still very good friends.

This story makes me feel good, because Winter is saved, and I really like dolphins.  It is a great story of “true friendship.”

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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #4: Ivy & Bean Break the Fossil Record by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall

Ivy & Bean are best friends, and there are lots of books about them.  In this book, Bean has a special book of World Records that everyone looks at and is interested in.  Everybody wants to break a record.  Ivy and Bean want to become the youngest people ever to dig up dinosaur fossils.

They go in Bean’s backyard and start digging.  They make a huge mess.  They tell everybody at school about their plan, and everybody else tells Ivy and Bean that they tried to break records, too, but it didn’t really work out.  Ivy and Bean tell their friends that they really did find dinosaur bones, but nobody believes them.  They tell their friends to come and see the bones at 4pm after school.

All the friends come to see the bones, and Ivy and Bean let everyone look at and touch the bones.  They aren’t sure if they are dinosaur bones or bones from a mystery creature.  Their friends think the bones are cool.

I really like the Ivy & Bean books because they are books about friendship and are funny.

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