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Jen K’s #CBR IV Wrap Up

Here is a list of all the books I read this year and didn’t get around to reviewing. Some where better than others, but I did make sure to write about all the ones I truly disliked – they’re just so inspiring sometimes. This is the first time in four years that I didn’t read over 100 books – I wonder if I should blame my iPhone.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #52: Graceling

Just under the wire. Picked this one up based on some recommendations from Pajibans/other Cannonballers. I’m surprised by how much quality literature is being churned out in the YA section of the book store. Although it helps when I’m only picking up novels after reading lots of raving reviews from intelligent adults with discerning tastes.

Jen K’s #CBR IV Review #51: To End All Wars

Nonfiction about the antiwar/pacifist movement in England during World War I. Worth the read for a perspective that isn’t usually discussed.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #50: Furious Love

This is a rather detailed book about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s marriage. I mostly liked it, though it got a bit repetitive/went on too long. I’m sure if I’d actually seen any of their movies I would have enjoyed it even more.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #49: Girls in White Dresses

A series of interrelated vignettes about relationships and work after college. Not action packed, but felt relatable to me.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #48: The Wise Man’s Fear

Follow up to The Name of the Wind. While I still enjoyed it, I also feel like he left too much left to be wrapped up in the final novel.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #47: The Emperor of All Maladies

Subtitled “a biography of cancer”, the book covers history and research into cancer, mostly focusing on this century but occasionally going back further. Very informative but also written in an engaging style so that even non scientific types can understand.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #46: The Name of the Wind

Very enjoyable beginning to a fantasy trilogy. Parts of it are reminiscent of other fantasy novels, but not in a bad way.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #45: Bossypants

While I enjoyed Tina Fey’s book, I wasn’t quite as in love with it as many others. May have had slightly different expectations. It’s funny, but I felt like Fey still kept readers at a distance even though she did reveal a bit about her life.

Jen K’s #CBRIV Review #44: The Secrets of Mary Bowser

Inspired by a true events though much of the novel is conjecture. The Civil War from the perspective of a black woman working as a spy in Richmond. Worth the read, especially for someone who enjoys historical fiction.

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