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Jen K’s #CBR IV Review #42: The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

If you like Christopher Moore, you probably know what to expect from this. I would say I liked it least of the ones I’ve read but others may disagree.

Commander Strikeher’s #CBR Book 24: Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore

At this point, I have lost track of how many Christopher Moore novels I have read.  Either you love his novels, or he just isn’t your cup of tea. I happen to love his sense of humor. I listened to Fool a couple of months ago and loved it as well.  You can read that review here:

The novel starts out with the death of van Gogh.  Did he really shoot himself in a field in Auvers, or was he murdered?  Sacre Bleu is the story of Lucian Lusard, a baker/painter in the Montmartre district of Paris in 1890.  He was raised around some of the most well-known artists of the Impressionist era.  His best friend is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and he was also a friend of Vincent van Gogh.  Lucian and Henri have noticed that a lot of their contemporaries seem to have long gaps in their memories, and an awful lot of them are dying of syphilis.  This novel is historical fiction with mystery, romance, and plenty of Christopher Moore bawdiness and humor.  The beginning is very slow, but I got hooked near the middle.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has a love of Paris or the Impressionist period.

I definitely recommend reading the print version of this book.  There are several color pictures of Impressionist paintings, and the book is printed in blue ink.  It’s so pretty!

5/5 Stars

CommanderStrikeher’s #CBR 4 Review #10: Fool by Christopher Moore

*Audiobook review
I loves me some Christopher Moore. His brand-new novel, Sacre Bleu is sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to dive right in. My first Moore novel was A Dirty Job, and I thought it was amazing. I’ve also read his vampire trilogy, and my review for Lamb was actually published on a couple of years ago. I’m also a Brit-Lit nerd, so a Christopher Moore novel spoofing Shakespeare was a must read for me. Fool was definitely one of my favorite novels.
Fool is the story of Pocket, the diminutive court jester of King Lear. The dude who disowned his youngest daughter just because she wouldn’t kiss his ass in front of his entire court. Yeah, THAT King Lear. Pocket is bawdy. Just randy. He’s screwing half of Lear’s court, a couple of the daughters, and before he came to Lear’s court, a couple of nuns. Then a ghost shows up and wackiness ensues. There are witches, war, and murder most foul.
There were a lot of little Shakespearean in-jokes peppered throughout the novel. I loved this book. I could listen to this all over again and love every second of it. I just love Moore’s novels, and Euan Morton was a terrific narrator. This made doing the dishes much more enjoyable.
5/5 Stars

Fofo’s #CBR4 Review #13: Lamb by Christopher Moore

Target: Christopher Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. 

Profile: Comic Fantasy, Absurdist Literature, Religious Fiction?

There’s something to be said about going into a book expecting to hate it.  A little bias can make a mediocre story somewhat enjoyable, or a good book seem great.  Christopher Moore should thank his publicists for being moronic idiots.  The cover of Lamb is positively coated in critic reviews hailing him as the new voice of comic absurdism; the second coming of Vonnegut.  But all you have to do is read the back cover to see that the comparison is inapt at best.  So I went into Lamb prepared to hate every stagnant syllable.  Let’s be clear.  It’s not Vonnegut by any stretch of the imagination.  But it isn’t bad.

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