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ambern’s #CBR4 Review #24 The Moonlit Earth by Christopher Rice

Megan has just lost her job and is forced to move back to her hometown and accept her cousin Lucas’ help.  Both Megan and her brother Cameron despise the world that they grew up on the periphery of—one of extreme privilege and prejudice.  Cameron shows up unexpectedly at her welcome home party and gives Megan cryptic warnings about Lucas and his intentions.

The next morning, still reeling from her encounter with him, Megan wakes to news that her brother’s hotel was bombed and that dozens were killed.  What’s worse is that Cameron is seen exiting the hotel moments before the explosion with an unknown Middle Eastern man.  Cameron’s job as a flight attendant makes him even more suspicious in the minds of the FBI and Hong Kong police.  Despite what everyone is saying about her brother though, Megan knows he is innocent and flies to Hong Kong to figure out the truth, which leads her down a frustrating and dangerous path that she isn’t really ready for.

This is yet another Christopher Rice book that didn’t disappoint.  I have been reading him for a while now but was disturbed to find out that I missed his last two books, a mistaking that I am rectifying now.  This novel was as intense and well written as usual—I always get sucked right into his stories and stay up all night trying to finish them.  There isn’t much more to say: if you enjoy Rice, you should read it, if you’ve never read him before give him a chance, I think few would be disappointed.

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