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Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #5: Dolphin Tale, A Tale of True Friendship by Emma Ryan

Last Fall, I saw the movie Dolphin Tale with my dad and really liked it.  Then I got the book, which I also really liked.

Dolphin Tale is the true story of a dolphin named Winter who gets caught in a crab trap, and all the people who try and get Winter a new tail (she had to have her tail removed to get out of the trap).  She kept swimming from side to side, and couldn’t go up and down without her tail.  The doctors invented a new plastic tale for her, but she didn’t like it and she ruined it.  They tried again and made a second tail, and it worked!  She liked the new tail and could swim again.

Sawyer is the boy who was Winter’s friend.  He found her in the crab trap and visited her every day.  He called the Marine Hospital and told them about Winter.  They are still very good friends.

This story makes me feel good, because Winter is saved, and I really like dolphins.  It is a great story of “true friendship.”

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