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Petalfrog’s #CBR4 Review #20: Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner

Oddly enough when I read the back of this book I thought for sure that it was one of the few Lisa Gardner books I had not read. Yet, as I started reading the book I realized I had indeed read it. I had an incredible sense of deja vu throughout the book but could not remember what actually happened, so in a sense it was like reading the book for the first time.

This book features Kimberly Quincy, an FBI special agent working in evidence collection. Kimberly receives a bizarre call one night from a local PD, requesting her to come in and talk to a prostitute who will only speak to her. The prostitute tells Kimberly about her belief that prostitutes are being murdered by one of her johns, a man who calls himself Dinchara. Dinchara is obsessed with spiders, and certainly is a very shady character. Kimberly, despite her better instincts teams up with a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent to chase the case.
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