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Siege’s #CBR4 #34: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

In which Siege returns to extoll the virtues of Stephen King’s shorter works.

Scootsa1000’s #CBR4 Review #5: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

There’s never a shortage of Stephen King (or recently, some terrific Richard Bachman) reviews here in Cannonball land.  While I definitely consider myself a huge King fan, I have to admit that his “collected novellas” are my least favorite of his many offerings.  I love me some short story collections (Night Shift! Skeleton Crew!), I can’t get enough of his huge mega-novels (The Stand! 11/22/63!), and I obsess over anything Dark Tower related.  But I can honestly say that the majority of his short novels (the Four Past Midnight and Hearts in Atlantis collections comes to mind) are not on the top of any sort of list for me.

So I was happy to find that King’s most recent venture into novella territory was a good one.  Full Dark, No Stars is made up of four short novels (or, long stories):  1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension, and A Good Marriage.

Read the rest of my review on my blog.

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