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Akhirnya CBR4 #11: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (339 p.)

Yes, it’s by THAT Hugh Laurie.  And OMG, ya’ll, it’s like all the awesome sauce that the UK had to offer was birthed into that man in 1959.  He’s old enough to be my grandfather, and he still gets my lady bits tingly.  Can you blame me?  As if being a top actor, excellent comic, and skilled musician weren’t enough, the man can WRITE.

The Gun Seller was written well before House was a glint in a producer’s eye, but the story reads almost as if House himself had been transformed into a smart-ass jack of all trades that goes by the name Thomas Lang.  Lang is retired army and does a variety of questionable jobs, eventually being approached by a man asking him to assassinate an American businessman.  Lang declines and then goes to warn the intended mark, only to find himself becoming deeply tangled into a mess involving arms dealers, British intelligence, the CIA, terrorist groups, and a beautiful damsel in distress.

Laurie’s writing is fantastic.  Lang is a witty addition to the spy and P.I. shtick.  The plot made sense; it wasn’t too straightforward but its twists aren’t entirely ridiculous so you can roll along with it.  Though it’s an action novel, it’s FUNNY and frequently of the laugh out loud variety.  Though it’s a light read, several sections were worth re-reading just to enjoy Laurie’s use of language.

It’s way more than I expected out of a quick read and highly recommended for anyone that loves the spy genre.  If you ever liked Laurie’s incarnation of House, you’ll love Lang.


Figgy’s #CBR4 Review #9: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie

Yep, that Hugh Laurie. House? Really funny, super sexy British accent, you know who. I had no idea he’d written a book, but hey, the internet teaches you things! So I read it.

The Gun Seller is a convoluted, often hilarious story about spies, arms sales, international conspiracies and a lot of crazy car chases. It’s like someone blended The Bourne Conspiracy with a Douglas Adams story, added a little bit of John Le Carre and a protagonist who probably acts a lot like House. The result is very, very funny at times, but also just flat-out confusing at others….

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