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Sara Habein’s #CBR4 Review #22 – Playground Swings and Yearning by Jeffrey Scolley

Playground Swings and Yearning
by Jeffrey Scolley

Periodically, I end up in a position to review a book, an album, or something similar from someone I personally know. With Electric City Creative, this obviously happens more often. Great Falls is only so large, and the magazine focuses primarily on local arts and culture. When it comes to people I know who have written books, especially ones who live in the same city, the pool is considerably smaller than that of the musicians and visual artists. So I like to support the cause. Given that more people read this site than read my magazine (let’s be real), and given that now I obsessively feel the need to review every book I read (no matter how much my reading outpaces the reviewing), I want to promote my friends.

It’s only as I open the book for the first time that it really sinks in — What do I say if I don’t like it?

Find out if I do in the rest of my review over at Glorified Love Letters.


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