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pyrajane’s review #52: Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer

I almost can’t hear myself typing over the sound of FIFTY TWO BOOKS IN 2012!!!

Awwwwwwwwww yeah!


Layout 1I liked this book very quickly and realized it was going to be hard to review.  Trying to describe the plot is either going to simplify it and not do it justice or will cause people to make a confused face and back away slowly.

It is so good!

Instead of plot, I’m going to talk about characters.  And a little bit of plot.

Clicky McClick Click over to my blog for a look at a book that has no business working and does so beautifully.  Love and math.  Logic and emotion.  A wonderful book.


Oh, and did I mention that this is book 52?

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