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The Grace Hurricane’s #CBR4 Review #4: The Big Adventures of Majoko 2 by Machiko Fuji and Tomomi Mizuna

(Grace’s reviews are typed in by her mother, whose reviews you can find at Glorified Love Letters.)

Majoko and Nana love travelling together to strange new places. In this volume, they visit memorable spots like the shiny Land of Mirrors, the Land of Snowmen, and the Land of Toys. I like this book because I like Japanese books. I like reading Japanese books because I like reading the books backwards because manga in Japan is read backwards. Manga is a type of Japanese comic.

My favorite part of this story is when they go to the Land of Snowmen. I like this part because I like snowmen. I like rolling the snowballs to make snowmen.

(Grace is just about 8 years old and got this book from her local library.)

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