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rdoak03’s #CBR4 Review 38: Beauty by Patria L Dunn

ImageThe cover intrigued me right off the bat, but there is where my fascination ended. The book certainly has some thought-provoking themes, such as “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” and “whether or not one’s character is truly changed or only revealed when presented with new opportunities to make bad choices”…both quotes from other reviewers.

In general, the story follows a severely overweight college student who receives the “gift” of being thin. After this astounding change, the girl’s actions and choices have devastating consequences for her and those around her. In a word, drama. The author simply uses too much drama to discuss these themes. Self-cutting, rape, drugs, witchcraft, prostitution, gunfights, theft…seriously, this is all packed into one story!

I think the moral of the story could have been more effectively communicated with a simpler, more believable plot

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