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loopyker’s #CBR4 Review #12: Tailwavers by Sally Watson

Tailwavers coverDon’t let the self-publishing and home photo cover fool you. Sally Watson is an accomplished and well-loved author of several juvenile and young adult fiction books published in the 1950’s – 1971. After taking a break from writing she began self-publishing new books, juvenile-adult level in 2006. Among these, is Tailwavers, her first autobiographical book, about her life with a variety of cats and her cat rescue work in England and the US, including correspondence with other cat-loving friends about her thoughts on many things, but always coming back to the cats in her life.

With the conversational tone of Tailwavers, it is less polished than her earlier books, but still highly entertaining. Sally’s humour and intelligence shine through as strong as ever. If you are already a fan of Sally Watson, you will enjoy this glimpse into her real life. But, you do not need to be familiar with Sally to enjoy the stories of the joys and sorrows of living and care-taking of cats which any cat owner can appreciate.

Sally is a true ailurophile (cat lover) and has written this book for like-minded people. My own Mr. Cat sat on my lap through much of time reading this. I was moved to both laughter and tears several times throughout the book and found it a nice, fun read.

(Full Disclosure: I am the web designer for and received a free copy of Tailwavers from Sally as payment. But, I do not receive any compensation for sales of her books, or for my review. I’m just a big fan!)

Book information with my review at Loopy Ker’s Life

loopyker’s #CBR4 Review #06: The Angry Earth: A Story of the New Madrid Earthquakes by Sally Watson

After a long break, I will try to do some catching-up.  🙂

This is one of the newer books from one of my favourite authors, Sally Watson.  Sally is well-known for her juvenile fiction published through 1954-1971 (my favourite, Jade, among them), but she began self-publishing new books in 2006 – present .

The Angry Earth  is one of Sally’s more recent adult-level books, but it is still without the explicit violence or sex that you find so often in other historical fiction.  I much prefer Sally’s style.

I read this a few months ago, coincidentally just past the bicentennial of the main event inspiring this story –  the start of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811.   The New Madrid Seismic Zone is in the U.S.A. along the Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee border, but also goes into Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.  (more info. on Wikipedia: New Madrid Seismic Zone )  Even though these were massive earthquakes, and they could happen again, very few of my American friends seem to have heard about it!  Certainly when we think of earthquakes in the U.S.A., we think of the west coast, not the south/mid-west.

The Angry Earth follows the immigration of a privileged family from France, who due to a change in circumstance end up in a small frontier town in the U.S.A. of French and English.  Their poor, twelve year old maidservant, Fleur, is left with most of the responsibility of getting them started in this new place, becoming one of the strong and independent heroine’s that are Sally’s specialty.  In this already challenging setting, the family and town then all face the total upheaval of their lives and homes when the earthquakes begin.

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