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Gabe3886’s #CBR4 review 9 Liberation Day by Andy McNab

Nick Stone is desperate for American Citizenship, and the US version of the Yes Man just happens to be the father of his girlfriend, Carrie.  He’s offered citizenship in return for taking part in an undercover operation in Algeria.  Simply kill an Albanian citizen, who isn’t a good person at all, remove his head and return it.  But nothing is ever that easy for Stone.

Libaration Day

He gets dragged further in, being left very little choice once George lets Carrie know that Nick has been working for him.  This time Nick is off to the South of France to capture some money launderers and pass them over for interrogation.  Not everything is plain sailing when Nick sees that the source of all the information they are getting is the same informant who gave them the tip-off for the previous job, and someone which Nick and his two team mates, Hubba-Hubba and Lotfi, really want to kill.

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Gabe3886’s #CBR4 review #6 Last Light by Andy McNab

Last light by Andy McNabNick Stone – deniable operator for British Intelligence – has been assigned to carry out an officially-sanctioned assassination. When he realizes who the target is, he refuses. But he is then given a chilling ultimatum: fly to Central America and finish the job, or the eleven-year-old orphan in his care will get killed.

Stone arrives in sweltering Panama close to breaking point. His life is in pieces, but things only get worse when he finds himself caught at the centre of a lethal conspiracy involving Columbian guerrillas. Hundreds of innocent lives are at stake.

Their only chance of rescue is Stone. But he has a critically injured friend to rescue, miles of dense rainforest to navigate and the toughest decision of his life to make…

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Gabe3886′s #CBR4 review #4 Firewall by Andy McNab

Having become the legal guardian of Kelly, the child of his best friend who was murdered for knowing too much, Nick stone finds himself in desperate need of money.  Kelly is in therapy with post traumatic stress disorder after remembering in vivid detail the brutal manner in which her family has killed.  In order to pay for her therapy, Nick accepts a freelance job which requires him to kidnap a Russian mafia warlord.

When that doesn’t go as planned, Nick is recruited to help steal a computer program which can give the owner access to top secret communications.  This time, there is more money at stake, and there’s more than some angry Russians after it this time.

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Later this week, I’ll review the first in the Dirk Pitt series of adventures by Clive Cussler.

Gabe3886’s #CBR4 review #2 Crisis Four by Andy McNab

Crisis Four - Andy McNabI’

Crisis Four - Andy McNab

Nick Stone returns for another instalment of his messed up life.  A life as a K, a deniable operative working for the Government.

This time he is sent to find an old friend who has disappeared and catch a mole who is leaking information to Osama Bin Laden from within the American Intelligence community.

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Gabe3886’s #CBR4 Review #1: Remote Control by Andy McNab

Remote Control by Andy McNabThe full review can be found here on my website.  Here’s some book information though:

Remote control is the first in the Nick Stone series by Andy McNab.  Tough, resourceful, ruthless – as an SAS trooper, Nick Stone was one of the best. Now he’s back on the streets. After a botched mission, the Regiment no longer want his services. But British Intelligence does – as a deniable operator. It’s the dirtiest job in a very, very dirty world.In Washington DC, it’s about to get dirtier still. On the apparently routine tail of two terrorists, he discovers the bodies of an ex-SAS officer and his family. Soon he’s on the run with the lone survivor of the bloodbath – a seven year old girl. And whilst she can identify the killers, only Stone can keep them at bay – and solve a mystery whose genesis takes him back to the most notorious SAS mission in recent history.

A gritty and violent action, adventure, spy thriller which, if was ever made into a film, would probably make The Expendibles look like Bill and Ben it’s that full of action.

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