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Mrs Smith Reads Shame by Karin Alvtegen, #CBR4 Review #12

If I had read Shame by Karin Alvtegen before I read her novel Missing, I would never have read another thing by her. I hated this book and found it left a very bad taste in my mouth when I got to the end.

Shame tells the stories of two Swedish women, Maj-Britt, a morbidly obese woman who lives alone and relies on care workers to provide for all of her needs, and Monika, a well-respected doctor with no self-esteem or personal life. Each is living with the burden of an assumed responsibility for the death of a loved one, which causes them constant mental dispair and crippling shame and leads them both to life decisions which only serve to push them to reject the good things that come into their lives as they believe themselves to be wholly undeserving.

Shame by Karin Alvtegen


Mrs Smith Reads Missing by Karin Alvtegen, #CBR4 Review #11

Sybilla isn’t your every day homeless person. She made a choice to be indigent, to live off the social grid and ignore her wealthy parents and their luxurious lifestyle.

Missing begins as we meet Sybilla, casually drinking a glass of wine in the bar of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. She appears to be a well-cared for and successful businesswoman and it’s a disguise that will enable her to cadge a room for the night—a warm shower, a soft bed and a place to relax and enjoy the little pleasures that most homeless people could never even dream of. Sybilla engineers a meeting with a travelling businessman who’s staying at the hotel and pretends to lose her wallet so he will buy her dinner and secure her a room for the night. He is, of course hopeful that she might reciprocate with some sexy times, but Sybilla has done this before and knows how to handle the situation with a minimum of embarrassment for either party. It’s a successfully executed ruse, but in the morning, her benefactor is found dead and mutilated in his hotel room and the staff all remember her being with him. When the police come knocking, Sybilla has to get out quick, and thus begins the tale.

Missing by Karen Alvtegen

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