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ambern’s #CBR4 Review #23 The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

It’s 1996 and Emma has just received a new computer from her father as a guilt gift.  When she installs AOL, Emma discovers a weird site called Facebook that shows her 15 years into the future.  At first she believes that the whole thing is a joke that her friend Josh is playing on her, but his bewilderment over the site convinces her that this isn’t payback of any kind.  (Things have been tense between Josh and Emma for months, since she rejected him romantically.)

The two quickly become obsessed with Facebook and their futures.  Josh becomes a graphic designer happily married to the prettiest girl in their school (a girl he has been too nervous to even talk to) while Emma ends up unemployed and in a miserable marriage.  Understandably upset, she does everything in her present to change her future, frustrating Josh who doesn’t want his chance at a great future ruined by Emma.

At first I had some trouble getting into the book; it was a little heavy-handed with the whole “it’s 1996” thing.  But Josh and Emma’s awkwardness with each other and their obsession with Facebook won me over—it just seemed real.  I can’t relate to the Facebook addiction because I’ve never been on it, but like most people I would love to have a chance to see into my future and try to change it for the better.  Overall it was an interesting book and a quick read, a nice distraction.

Scootsa1000’s #CBR4 Review #8: The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

I’m a sucker for time travel stories.  I love Doctor Who (well, I did.  I’m not really feeling the Matt Smith incarnation, but that’s a story for another day). I enjoy books like The Time Traveller’s Wife and 11/22/63.  When I read the reviews that a few other Cannonballers had written about The Future of Us, I made a mental note to add it to my list.  Two days ago, I saw it being reshelved at my library and decided to move it to the top of the reading pile.

For those unaware, The Future of Us is the story of Emma and Josh, next door neighbors and former best friends who discover a weird portal to the future when they install AOL on Emma’s new computer in 1996.  After AOL welcomes them, they find a link to a website called “Facebook” under their favorites tab, and figure out that they can see how their lives will look 15 years in the future.  And that those futures seem to change every time they hit the refresh button.

Read my entire review here.

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